The Ranks purchased in this category are kept forever and will never expire, The ranks are global across the whole Zerode Network.
Each Rank will have perks listed for the specific gamemodes, ranks perks are subject to change as new updates and changes are made. 

Warrior Rank 7.50 AUD
Champion Rank 15.00 AUD
Elite Rank 30.00 AUD
Legend Rank 45.00 AUD
Titan Rank 70.00 AUD
Donation Goal

0.00 / 250.00 AUD (0%)


Recent Donations

1x Nuker Pickaxe,1x Champion Rank,3x 6x Donor Key,1x 5x Global Money Booster (60 mins) (CuryMuncha)

1x 5x Donor Key (+1 donor key for others) (motorways)

1x Champion Rank (motherFUKA)

1x Titan Rank (bytes)

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